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For those that may complain that there is not enough mystery in computer science - then good news.

It appears that Dr. Craig Steven Wright, the purported inventor of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, has reneged on his plan to provide extraordinary proof by transferring Bitcoins from one of the earliest blocks that only "Satoshi Nakamoto" would have access to. His reason is that he lacks the "courage" to do so after being anonymous for so long. I guess he would rather be labelled as a potential fraud then receive all the attention if he were the actual mysterious creator.

Without this proof doubt will continue as to who Satoshi Nakamoto,the creator of Bitcoin, is or was. So allow the mythology to continue. Perhaps generations from now people will regard Satoshi Nakamoto as some mythical figure in computer lore who in true "Deus ex Machina" (god from the machine) manner gifted us with code that transformed the world.

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